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Wall Cantilever Rack



The Wall Cantilever Rack is a great wall mounted rack for storing lumber, bar stock and other materials.  One unit can hold up to 100 pounds per arm and has a total capacity of 700 pounds per unit.  Each section of the wall cantilever contains 7 arms.  You can mount a series of sections along a wall to accommodate storage for extremely long stock.  Each section of the wall cantilever is 60 inches high.  Three of the arms are 15 inches long with a 7 1/4 inch clearance.  The remaining four arms are 12 inches long with 9 inch clearances.  This unit has an attractive zinc plated finish.  The wall cantilever rack is easy to assemble.  It can be assembled in minutes.

Sold in single sections.  Minimum 2 sections needed.

(3 sections shown in picture; Price for 3 sections as shown is $173.25)



Height Model No. Net Each
60″ 215-WMC01 $57.75