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Garment Racks

We carry three types of garment racks: i bar, 2 bar and 4 bar garment racks.










The Super-Z Garment Rack is commercial grade.  It’s base measurements are 24 inches by 60 inches.  The Z base is ideal for storage and easy manuevering and moving.  The powder coating of the base makes it durable.  This is available in dark gray.  The uprights are 6 feet tall (from the floor) with 63″ of vertical hang space.   Uprights and Hang Bars are made of galvanized 16 gauge steel and 1 3/8 inch tubing.  The Hang Bar has a unique clip design  that provides easy adjustment of bar height in two inch increments.  The Casters are 4 inch industrial grade non-marking swivel casters.  The Garment Rack has a 500 pound capacity.


1 BAR ZR2460A4-1 24″ X 60″ $  93.95
2 BARS ZR2460A4-2 24″ X 60″ $106.95
4 BARS ZR2460A4-4 24″ X 60″ $130.95