About Us

When it comes to office or warehouse supplies and equipment, a personal contact with a sales professional is always better than ordering from a catalog. This eliminates the possibility of ordering the wrong product, e.g. wrong design, wrong capacity, etc. Independent Sales Company is your resource for affordable, high quality office and warehouse supplies & equipment, storage shelving, wire shelving, tire and cable racks, record archive shelving, bins and bin shelving, workbenches, pick racks, pallet and cantilever racks, pallet shrink wrap or stretch films, etc.

We at Independent Sales Company will give you all the attention and time to get everything right. We want to make sure we are offering you the best solution(s) to your office or warehouse and storage “pains” at a cost that is not painful to your pocket.

Plus, Independent Sales Company offers:

  • Local Sales & Service (for businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area)
  • A short Lead-time of 2-7 days for most orders.
  • We also offer convenient COD or Net 30 payment options (on approved credit)
  • Out of State Shipping
  • Volume Discount (Very Competitive Pricing)
  • Wide Line of Products
  • Free Quotes

Independent Sales Company has been providing storage solutions to hardware stores, printing shops, distribution centers, fulfillment companies, big and small warehouses, the technology industry, the food industry, just to name a few.

Call us today at 650-345-3746.

We are dedicated to assisting you with your buying decisions. We are available by phone (or in person in the San Francisco Bay Area) to answer your questions or to provide a FREE “NO OBLIGATION” QUOTATION.